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Grikob Foundation Ghana is a nonprofit women empowerment organization registered in Ghana with the Registrar Generals Department. GFG is a volunteering organization built out of the efforts and dedication of young and enthusiastic men and women.
The Foundation is a humanitarian intervention aimed at empowering women. GFG is an innovative organization that adopts education (formal/ non-formal) coupled with skill / vocational training geared toward helping women to be independent and self reliant.
Grikob Foundation Ghana in its quest to empower rural women has welcomed a volunteer who is an Eco Artiste from Israel on 11th October 2016. He is called Zeevic Jacob Peretz. He will be in Ghana for six months to train rural women in eight(8) communities of the Gomoa East District in various vocations/skills. This project, which has since started, aims at using garbage and bio degradable materials into useful products. Inasmuch it would provide the rural women with skills that would earn them a means of livelihood, it would aid recycling efforts to make our environment Eco-friendly.
The project is expected to train about 200 women within the period to help them become economically empowered and make them self reliant. Measures have been put in place to ensure the beneficiaries of the project help roll out the training and the skills that would be acquired in other place in Ghana after our volunteer trainer has left Ghana in March 2017.
This arrangement is aimed at making the project sustainable so that more women groups elsewhere in Ghana will benefit immensely. We therefore make a humble appeal to all and sundry to support us in diverse ways to make this project sustainable.
Below are shots of products produced so far by the women groups out of garbage and biodegradable materials:
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a5  a7   a9
a11   a12

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