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01 Sep

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Help Eradicate Poverty No Comments

Help Eradicate Poverty

No one deserves to be called poor, yet the word “POVERTY” has somehow been linked to rural dwellers, especially women. This is partly because most rural dwellers lack basic human needs that are necessary for comfortable and healthy living.

Ironically most of these dwellers are engaged in one income generating activity or the other though these activities are mostly non-formal. Most economically active women in rural communities in particular are concentrated in agricultural activities (farming), yet they are those who are mostly affected by poverty. This is as a result of not having access to modern farming equipments, as well as the lack of support from financial institution to help these farmers increase productivity.


Hence, these farmers work tirelessly during the farming season, but end up with outputs which are only enough to feed their households. It is only in rare cases that they are able to sell a little of their output after all the hard work resulting in low incomes for such households. This implies that the efforts of these households are not profitably rewarded which consequently lead to low standards living. The government, corporate bodies, financial institutions, Organizations, individuals and donors can all help in raising the living standards of these farmers by supporting them financially to help them purchase the appropriate quality and quantity of inputs and equipment needed for their activities. With this outputs would increase which will intend bring about positive rippling outcomes.


GRIKOB FOUNDATION GHANA is looking at liaising between these farmers and financial institutions in order to be able to help them access funds to help their farming activities. Again, GRIKOB FOUNDATION GHANA will from time to time organize workshops, where expects will be invited to interact and train the farmers on best farming practices that will help them increase output, as well as how to manage their expenses and incomes. The services of Agricultural extension officers will be sought to assist the farmers as to where to go in order to access modern farm equipments and the processes involved.


GRIKOB FOUNDATION GHANA is calling on all stakeholders and various donors to help achieve this goal.


GRIKOB FOUNDATION GHANA……Bridging gaps by serving humanity.

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